Our club has always been the point of reference for basketball in the entire Veneto region and Italy. Under the brand of Oxygen before and Orange1 today, a network project was conceived that involves clubs such as Bassano, Marostica, Vicenza and Padova. Orange1 Bassano is a project and a training path born in 2004 for young people all over the world who have the tenacity and characteristics to become professionals through basketball. Thanks to it, their goal is to reach a first-level human and academic development.

Orange1 Basket Bassano has a growing number of young players of interest. The club’s activity is consolidated throughout Europe with the constant participation in the Italian National Finals (winning the U14 scudetto in 2019) and in the most important International tournaments. Orange1 Basket Bassano is currently positioned among the top three Italian youth programs and among the most prestigious European academies.





Our mission is to continue to grow and expand, offering a quality future to young people. This is why over the years the Club has opened up to people and players from all over Italy and around the world. Being part of the Orange1 Basket Bassano family means becoming citizens of the world.
The multiculturalism, the attention to detail, and the cultivation of dreams, make our soil prolific for the growth of young athletes. The structures are suitable, and the territoriality is a fundamental element of our mission.
Sport has always been one of the main components of civilization, as well as being the expression of physical and mental development. Around sports are born passions, social occasions, and opportunities to proudly express our sense of belonging.




Crossed by the Brenta river, Bassano del Grappa is a very ancient medieval town, surrounded by hills and favored by a mild climate. The city is located in a strategic area of the Veneto region and Northern Italy. At 1-2 hours drive, there are many large cities such as Milan, Venice, Bologna, Padua, Trento, Verona, Treviso, Brescia, and Bergamo. The airports of Treviso and Venice are about 1 hour away, while those of Bergamo, Bologna and Milan are slightly further.

Il Sole 24 ore indicates Bassano del Grappa and its province of Vicenza as the 11th Italian city (out of 107 provinces) for quality of life. Livability, the organization of services and transport are a pride of this area. But Veneto is also sport and has always been the land of basketball. There are hundreds of basketball clubs in the area and the tradition of this sport has infected several generations. In this area there are Serie A, Seria A2, Serie B and Serie C Gold clubs. Many of the greatest Italian talents were born or raised in these lands.



Orange1 Holding, an international group and European leader in the design and manufacture of electric motors, aluminum die-casting, and precision mechanical turning. Present in over 70 countries worldwide, with 11 production plants, 1,000 employees, annually produces over 1 million single-phase and three-phase asynchronous electric motors, 5 million windings for asynchronous electric motors, 60 thousand drives for electric motors, 25,000 tons of die-cast aluminum and 12 million pieces of high precision turning for the automotive sector. Already a leader in the production of electric motors, historic and established core business of the group, since 2017 it has also focused on leadership in aluminum die casting with the Foundry division. Orange1 Precision was born in 2018, a new strategic division that operates in the high precision mechanical turning sector.

With the ability to grow steadily and demonstrated solidity, together with the foresight of the President Armando Donazzan, Orange1 Holding pursues the goal of becoming a partner for full supply of engines and components, a single interlocutor for diversified products. Leading expertise, global product portfolio, research, innovation and the ability to think with an integrated system in mind, strengthen the perception of the brand which is increasingly competitive today. To complete the solid and dynamic reality of the Orange1 world, also the commitment to sport and motorsport with the Orange1 Basket and Orange1 Racing divisions.