The Orange1 House is the renewed home of the Club’s alethes. Spread over five floors in a building adjacent to the historic center of Bassano, this is where the 22 athletes from all over the world who have been selected by the Club to become the protagonists of our business. Six coaches also live with them who also act as tutors. The Orange1 House is equipped with all comforts: Wi-Fi, video room, relax room, study room, equipped kitchen, canteen, private parking. The property has 25 rooms available.



Our athletes have at least one field available at any time of the day. The high number of hours spent in individual work requires detailed planning and available space. In addition, for physical work, our athletes also have access to other facilities where they can develop certain skills in detail.


The Pala Angarano is the official court of the Club. All the official games of the Bassano teams are held Inside this beautiful 800-seater structure, and over the years it has been the location of many international tournaments and also of two Italian National Finals.
The structure has an equipped weight room, a medical and physiotherapeutic center, a video room, a VIP area and a private car park. The PalaAngarano is the third largest structure in the city by capacity, which follows the PalaSind and PalaDue, both with a capacity of 2200 seats.


The Palasport Comunale is adjacent to the club offices and can accommodate up to 500 people. This structure is used by Orange1 Basketball only for a small part of its activities, as PalaAngarano is mainly used. But this historic place still retains the memories of the past and its proximity to the historic center make it a small jewel to be preserved. The gym is part of the school complex of the high school Liceo Brocchi.


The official headquarters houses the renovated club’s offices, where coaches and managers work when they are not in the gym with the kids. The offices have, in addition to the common area, a private meeting room and the official bulletin board of the club with the awards won over the years. Also adjacent to the historic center, it is where ideas take shape. Ideas that are then transferred to the basketball courts and gym.