Covid-19 Vaccination? Orange1 Basket Bassano immediately makes itself available to the community

It is with great pleasure and pride that Orange1 Basket moves its entire business from PalaAngarano to other locations. This is to allow our historic “home” to become the largest anti Covid vaccination center in our area. From next Tuesday, at least 8 vaccination lines will be active inside our building.
This change involves a sharp downsizing in terms of hours for our business, a problem for our children who have already had to stop several times during this pandemic. But civic sense and the common good are the priority for all of us, athletes, managers, sponsors and partners, so we are really proud that our home has been chosen by the ULSS as an important hub in the tough fight against Covid.
Our business will be moved, albeit downsized, to other structures in our area. In this regard, we would like to thank first and foremost the Councilor for Sport Mariano Scotton who understood our problem and helped us in the search for alternatives for our business. And then a heartfelt thanks to the companies of Bassano Volley Asd and Junior2000 Gymnastics who welcomed us into the spaces reserved for them in other structures.
With the Serie C Gold championship just begun, and the national youth teams ready to restart, a rigorous spring awaits us in terms of protocols and safety, but we are looking forward to it. Just as we hope that the impulse of the new vaccination center in PalaAngarano will give the decisive blow in the real battle of this season, that at Covid.

The President

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