After the Stop to the championships and sports activities it is mandatory to start thinking about the new season, trying to be ready to be able to start again and offer the best. Therefore, the movements in the Orange1 Basket Bassano world continue, and after the dutiful greetings to the outgoing Enrico Marin, it is necessary to welcome the one who will take over the reins of the sporting and management direction of the Bassano club for the next 5 years, Giacomo Rossi. A well-known face for our company given the many collaborations and many challenges with the Stella Azzurra Roma where Giacomo has worked in recent seasons, reaching prestigious team goals (over 30 National Finals, 10 Scudetti and 2 U18 Euroleague finals) and individual, including the Manager of the Year Award in the 2017/18 Serie B LNP season.

Thirty-five years old, Sienese by birth, he began his career in his Virtus Siena dealing with both the sports and communication aspects and then landed at the Blue Star in 2010. Ten years in the capital to lead one of the most prolific Italian youth projects. Co-Author of the growth of the Academy based in Rome and of its international development which has brought many talents from all parts of the world to the most important stage on a continental European level. Despite his young age he can already boast a great experience in the world of basketball.

“After all these years, what led you to leave the Blue Star and what have you left of this long experience?”

“The Star will always remain my home, what I am as a person and as a manager is thanks to Germano to all the others. The Star never really leaves, it stays inside you forever, but now I felt the desire to try myself in a new reality. Bassano is already a top-tier club in Italy, what we will try to do in the next five years is to make it a top-tier European club. A Club that can create players for the various European senior leagues, but above all a Club that can allow children from all over the world to play their chances to reach a scholarship in American colleges. We will be the springboard for the American dream that many have, we will have to be the level that this dream destroys or makes it happen. I say this because dreaming of a scholarship is fantastic, but if the kids don’t focus on taking the right steps to achieve this goal, the dream will remain in the drawer. The effort and dedication required are much more than anyone expects ”.

“You are bound by a deep knowledge and esteem towards the President Carlo Da Campo, given the past collaborations between the two companies. What do you expect from this new stage of your long but young career? How come accepting this challenge? “

“I expect to learn new things. To know and solve problems. I expect to be able to feel Oxygen like my new family. The main stimulus is to find yourself in a new place that already works and try to improve it. Personally I hope in these years to be able to develop relationships and knowledge to make sure that all over the world of basketball know what the Oxygen project is. From the United States, to South America, to Asia. We want to be an international hub for players, coaches, scouts and managers, basically a place where you can’t miss. You may not like it, but it must be clear to everyone what you do. How to do it … will be our “industrial secret” that we will try to perfect month after month. Having visionaries such as Carlo Da Campo and Enri Pietribiasi at the helm of command, and Armando Donazzan, owner of Orange1, is the constant injection of innovative energy that will always be needed “.

The current difficult situation linked to the pandemic will inevitably have consequences on the sports and basketball scene. Difficulty but also opportunities … “

“The greatest difficulty, at least from our point of view, is that just when we should have opened up to the world, the pandemic will create logistical obstacles of considerable impact. We will have to be good at not giving up on this situation and find alternative and perhaps better ways to move forward. The opportunity you are talking about lies precisely in the fact that right now you need that talent in people to go beyond problems. Great ideas always arise in difficult moments, from this point of view we must already feel under pressure, because as a Club you can make progress in just one year that, in a normal situation, would have required three times the time ” .